How to make your acrylic products last longer .

Before we have been talking about how to understand acrylic, acrylic is how to bond, the type of acrylic sheet and some professional knowledge about acrylic.  Today,  I will introduce to you again “how to maintain, the service life of acrylic products will be long”?

1.Acrylic products in the continuous use of the temperature should not be higher than 60 degrees, so we should avoid acrylic high temperature deformation in the process of use.

2.In the use or acrylic processing should also be careful to avoid scratches on the surface, the surface hardness of acrylic products is equivalent to aluminum, it is easy to scratch, if scratched can be restored through polishing its original luster surface.

3. In the faint or unclean acrylic products caused by slight scratches or electrostatic adsorption dust, you can use 1% soapy water with a soft rag to wipe it clean.

4.Because the acrylic sheet has a certain coefficient of expansion, so in the process of use and installation, we must take into account the factors of thermal expansion and cold contraction of the acrylic sheet, and we must have a space gap for expansion when assembling.  This is also in the process of acrylic products assembly need to pay attention to the details.

If you also have acrylic products in your home, may wish to use the above methods to try to maintain it.  , It doesn’t matter if you don’t have acrylic products in your home,you can contact me at any time.

Post time: May-31-2021