What are the differences between cast acrylic plate and extruded acrylic plate?

The difference between cast acrylic plate and extruded acrylic plate:

1, Casting acrylic plate in the transparency of more than 98%, and extruded acrylic plate only in more than 92%.

2, Casting acrylic plate edge without pitting, and the edge is very transparent;  Extrusion acrylic plate edge will have a pitting spot, and extrusion acrylic board edge can be seen yellow and black.

3, Ordinary board

A, ordinary board is divided into transparent board, dyed transparent board, white board, color board and so on.

B, special boards have bathroom board, cloud board, mirror board, sandwich board, hollow board, anti-impact board, flame retardant board, super wear-resistant board, surface pattern board, frosting board, pearl board, metal effect board, etc.

Different performance, different colors and visual effects to meet the ever-changing requirements.


Post time: Jun-02-2021