Why do we need to customize acrylic anti-spray baffle in bulk?

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019, the emergence of anti-droplet baffle has added a new protective layer to the resumption of work and production in various industries.

Anti – foam baffle is characterized by large product specifications, to a larger area of protection. Anti – foam baffle is also a feature of high transparency.

No matter what material is used to isolate the board, the first premise is that raw materials need to be high transparency, so that the isolation board will not give you a sense of estrangement.

Acrylic isolation plate specifications are big, but products production is simple, mainly involves is laser engraving technology. In the organic glass products co., LTD., laser engraving equipment is a new generation of screw engraving machine, carving out after the product is very light, the effect of most of the bren carved products are no longer needed polishing.

Now the anti-spray baffle is sent to foreign independent sales orders, at the same time on the packaging of the product are the use of independent box packaging, many pieces of inner box into outer box, to achieve safe packaging, safe transportation.

Post time: May-26-2021